About Major Taylor Austin

The Major Taylor Club of Austin was established in 2011 to honor and prolong the legacy of Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor, who in 1899 became the first African American champion in cycling history and arguably one of the cycling world’s greatest sportsmen. Faced with a racist majority in the sport that pulled every legal and illegal shady tactic they could, Major Taylor still managed to maintain his humility, keep all bitterness at bay and become a world champion.

It is with Major Taylor's true spirit of a champion that The Major Taylor Club of Austin wishes to promote in every cyclist. It is with this spirit in mind that we focus on inspiring a love of cycling in minority communities, as a healthy alternative mode of transportation, a competitive sport, a way of staying fit and as a way of building community through subculture. Major Taylor believed that we could all be champions of the cause and with that principal in mind The Major Taylor Club of Austin is open to people of all races, ages and skill levels. So come join us and be a champion of the cycling cause.

For more information about Major Taylor visit http://www.majortaylorassociation.org/